5 Ways to Make Your Luggage Safe While Travelling

Travelling to a new place? Worrying about luggage storage is perhaps the last thing on your mind. Come to think of it, most travellers never think about safe baggage solutions until they have to deal with lost or damaged luggage.

Being anxious about your luggage means you are literally lugging around your travel bags all the time without enjoying your trip. Being lax about it can, however, mean you could end up losing your valuables.

Here are 5 top tips to make your luggage safe when you’re travelling:

Use a Lock for Your Luggage

This is an age-old, tried and tested method to make sure your luggage is not tampered with. However, this does not completely ensure that thieves won’t have a go at it.

Secure locking systems can ensure your luggage contents remain within. However, what if someone decides to steal the entire luggage?

Now, this needs some serious thinking, doesn’t it?

Make Your Luggage Look Unique

Luggage manufacturing companies are coming up with newer designs and affordable luggage options. But many travellers still end up mixing up their luggage with that of fellow travellers all because the luggage looks similar.

In order to easily identify your luggage, make it stand out. Paint it a different colour or put a cover over it. Attach a luggage tag so you know it is yours.

Track Your Luggage

Technology enables you to think of the impossible and then achieve it. Consider placing a tracker device in your luggage. This way, you can easily track its location via a smartphone app.

You can easily get to know when your luggage is not in place and more importantly, detect where it is currently.

Get Luggage Insurance

Following one or all of the above tips will surely keep your luggage safe but if you are looking for maximum protection, luggage insurance is what you need. Airline companies will only reimburse if you have luggage insurance in place.

Leave Your Luggage Somewhere Safe

The best thing to do when you travel is to find a place to leave your luggage. A luggage storage host can store your luggage for you, and you can go bag-free when you travel.

LEFTIT provides you with bag storage solutions in and around the UK. Leave your bag at a convenient location and enjoy your travel days with complete peace of mind.

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