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LEFTIT is a luggage storage network working with independent businesses to provide you with insured storage in key locations at an affordable price.

‘Where can I leave my bags?’

On paper it sounds pretty obscure but chances are that you’ve likely found yourself asking that exact same question…why else would you be here!

LEFTIT was created out of a need to supply the demand for locations where you can leave your bag. We created a platform where you can find places to store your luggage securely and at excellent value for money. Meaning you can go enjoy the rest of day with full peace of mind.

We aim to be the go-to company for your short term storage needs. Everytime.

Where’s your bag? LEFTIT

Adil – Co-founder, Police Officer and proud dad of 2 – As a police officer in Newcastle I am frequently approached by tourists while out on patrols and asked; ‘Where is the local shopping area?’, ‘Where can I find the nearest ATM?’ and everyone’s favourite ‘If I’m pregnant can I wee in your police helmet?’ (it’s just a myth people!).

Being asked ‘Where can I leave my bags’ is the question that started everything, because in Newcastle there was nothing.

In August 2017 LEFTIT launched in Newcastle and Central News became the first business to sign up to work with us. Fast forward to present day and LEFTIT is now operating in over 40 different towns and cities. We are working with almost 60 independent businesses to bring you secure storage in key locations at excellent value for money.

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