About Us

“Where’s your bag?”

LeftIt Left Luggage Storage 


LeftIt is a simple solution to a problem you may well have come across before, “Where can I leave my bag?”.   

LeftIt was created out of a need to supply the demand for locations where you can leave your bag. We created a platform where you can find places to store your luggage securely and at excellent value for money. Meaning you can go enjoy the rest of day with full peace of mind.

Booking a space is quick and easy

✅ Find a space on our website

✅ Create a booking

✅ Drop off your bags at your chosen location

✅ Relax knowing you’re covered by our insurance

✅ At the end of the booking collect your bag

✅ Rate and review your experience


Search for a convenient location to store your bags


Book your space online on mobile or desktop


Store your bags at your chosen location


Chill. Your luggage is covered by our insurance provider. Relax and enjoy the rest of your day

Bookings must be created before you drop off your bags.

You will not be able to pay for your luggage storage in store.