City Guide: Cambridge

If you are visiting Cambridge, you are in for a treat. Cambridge is all about countryside air and leisurely riverside walks. With an illustrious list of universities calling Cambridge home, this city will expose you to a lot of cultural activities.

Not sure where to head to on your trip to Cambridge. Here’s our pick of the top 6 places to visit on your trip to Cambridge.

King’s College and King’s College Chapel

The College was founded by Henry VI in 1441. It has a large lawn which extends right to King’s Bridge and the river. You can get a fantastic view of the college grounds and the Backs.

Some of its very well-known alumni include the poet Rupert Brooke, economist Lord Keynes and Horace Walpole, the famous writer. The Chapel is famous for its perpendicular 12-bay interior and fan vaulting.

Its windows are stained glass from the 16th century as also the organ made of wood. If possible, time your visit to coincide with the Evensong which is sung by the famous King’s College Choir.

Queen’s College

The Queen’s College has the distinction of being the complete group of medieval buildings among all the Cambridge colleges. While visiting Queen’s College, you can check out the beautiful gardens and Mathematical Bridge that was reconstructed in 1902. Instead of nails, the bridge was built on very meticulous and detailed calculations.

St. Mary the Great Church

The Church was built in the 15th century and it showcases fine interiors, stained glass and galleries. The tower, which was erected in 1608 affords a fantastic view of all of Cambridge.

Trinity College

The College was established by Henry VIII in 1546. It evolved from a merger of several older colleges. The College boasts of having the largest court in Cambridge.

Midsummer Fair

Dating back to over 800 years, the Fair is held on Midsummer Common. One of the main features is the Cambridge Folk Festival.

The setup includes a 25-acre ground known as Parker’s Piece – where modern football was invented. Leaving your carryall at a baggage storage facility would enable you to move around freely and enjoy the Fair.

Fitzwilliam Museum

It is the most famous Museum in Cambridge. The Museum has a fantastic collection of china and English pottery, Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities, and several illuminated manuscripts which make up its collection.

The picture gallery depicts works of famous Dutch Masters such as Van Dyck, Rembrandt and Rubens.

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