LeftIt is a luggage storage booking website aiming to find you great locations to store your luggage at great prices.

Although we are new on the scene, at LeftIt we are passionate about what we do. It’s our aim to become the number one provider in the UK for luggage storage. With LeftIt you’ll get the best locations to store your luggage at competitive prices, our personal support throughout the booking and free insurance cover for your luggage against Theft, Accidental and Criminal Damage provided by GUARDHOG.

Bookings can be made through our website; on computer, tablet and on mobile at www.leftit.co.uk/book/

All booking are instant so once you have booked and received confirmation that you have paid for your booking you are good to go.

We charge £5 per bag per 24 hours. With that, you get free insurance cover for the duration of your booking.

You can not pay for your luggage instore. The purpose of booking online is for the safety and security of the staff at the location, the safety and security of your luggage whilst it’s with a luggage host, for auditing and to qualify for the free insurance cover. Your luggage will not be insured if you have not booked online.

We have timed how long it takes from accessing the site up to paid booking confirmation. The whole process should take just under 1 minute. Once you have received confirmation that payment for a booking has been made you can leave your luggage and will be covered by the insurer for the full length of your booking.

A full risk assessment is done of each of our Hosts to make sure that the space they are providing for your luggage is appropriately suitable and secure. We have also provided each Host and their staff a thorough risk mitigation package to make sure that they are doing all that they can to prevent any loss or damage occurring to your luggage.

Each Host is given sequentially numbered tamper proof luggage seals to place on your luggage so that it can be identified and prevent anyone from accessing your luggage. For further piece of mind we have partnered with GUARDHOG to insure your luggage. Your luggage will be insured from the point of storage to the point of collection at no additional costs to you. You will be covered against Theft, Accidental and Criminal Damage. Further information about the insurance policy is available on our LeftIt Luggage Insurance page.

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