How to Enjoy a City Break?

Thinking of a trip to your favourite city on the weekend? The 48 hours you have for your city break can become a much loved and memorable one only if you plan it well.

That perfect city break is yours if you keep a few things in mind and act upon them. Let’s take a look.

Choose Your Destination

Do you like to plan well in advance for your holidays? Or do you rely on last-minute decisions for that ultimate weekend tour? In both cases, it is important to choose your holiday destination wisely.

From exotic locations to often-visited places, you can cover an array of activities, resorts and public places in a short trip too, provided you spend some time detailing your itinerary.

Book Short Tours

Offbeat city tours that allow you to explore and discover the culture of a city, its cuisine and entertainment are a perfect way to enjoy a weekend getaway.

You can easily connect with local tour operators and event companies that conduct theme-based tours and walking trips.

The idea is to get to know the city from inside out and not just be a visitor.

Look for Local Events

From book readings to plays, exhibitions, open markets, musical fests and more, there is something for everyone in the city you are visiting. You only need to be there in time to enjoy!

Check for events that coincide with your trip dates. Planning in advance can help you get tickets up close. Look up websites for event schedules and updates about tête-à-têtes with local artists.

Do What You Love

It’s time to leave behind your everyday worries and enjoy your holiday. A short trip does not mean you need to compromise on quality time. Spending it on something you really love doing makes it worth all the effort, time and money you spend on planning your holiday.

Attend a class, participate in a musical gig or just explore the local brewery. There’s no dearth of interesting and exciting activities if you are game for it.

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