Solving a Simple Airbnb Problem

Anyone visiting a new city for the first time is surely looking to cram as much sightseeing as possible during the holiday. As an Airbnb host, you look forward to a continuous stream of such guests who keep your premises occupied all the time.

But what do you say when guests ask to check out early and collect their luggage later? LEFTIT’s left luggage service is your solution for this Airbnb problem.

When you go that extra mile to help your guests, you are sure to remain in their memory for a longer time. This also translates to excellent reviews and recommendations to fellow travellers to check in with you for Airbnb when they are in town.

Did you always think that finding baggage storage for your guests after they check out was an extra task that didn’t fit in your guest schedules? Now it is easy to make your guest feel extra special. Here is how you can provide a quick and safe solution for their luggage storage.

Recommend Station Lockers

This is more of a traditional idea of storing luggage at lockers of the city’s main train stations. However, station lockers are limited in numbers and can turn out to be expensive.

With too many travellers at peak times, insufficient storage space can also pose to be a problem. You don’t want your guests to complain about lugging around baggage to the station and wasting time when they could have spent it sightseeing around the city.

Check for Free Storage at Museums

For a small fee or charge, you can get storage service at museums or galleries for your guests. However, the few places that offer this service restrict the service to the course of your visit. So, considering museums for left luggage service is really an option you may well reconsider.

Store the Luggage at Your Place

As an Airbnb host, you can also consider setting aside an area for extra storage to deal with left luggage. However, requests from your guests for late check out for their baggage can provide to be a nightmare if you are constantly receiving new guests.

LEFTIT Luggage Solutions

At LEFTIT, we understand the need for baggage storage solutions. We are happy to provide storage solution services to travellers on the go and Airbnb hosts. Our convenient locations and affordable rates give you complete value for money and peace of mind! View our locations here!

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