The Best UK Cities to Visit this Summer

If you are looking for interesting summer destinations to visit this year, here is a list of some fantastic places in the UK you might want to consider.

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Hastings is famous for the Hastings Castle, which draws art, culture and history lovers all over the world. A historic monument built by William the Conqueror in 1066, the Castle was rebuilt in stone after the king’s taste of victory in the Battle of Hastings.

In addition to being a historic treat, Hastings is a wonderful coastal getaway, thanks to its striking shingle beach called The Stade. The beach has been a fishing destination for hundreds of years and is also great for swimming.


This is a beautiful city resting on the shores of the extremely scenic River Cam. Punting, bus and bike tours are popular modes of experiencing the beauty and splendour of this city.

Punting tours offer a privileged view of the city’s iconic colleges that are renowned for their stunning architecture. Bus and bike tours are a great way to take in the city’s beautiful rolling fields, the cobblestoned streets of the city centre, cultural centres and a choice of food joints and restaurants.

The Bat Safari Punting is another popular summer activity. The safari gives you an amazing sight of bats emerging from their hibernation. The safari, helmed by expert guides, is timed towards the dusk and travels towards Grantchester Meadows.

Brighton and Hove

A seaside city located in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove is a famous beach town that takes the top spot on the list of summer destinations.

The Brighton Palace pier is a legendary spot that stretches along 8 miles of the coastline. The Pier is home to several attractions including famous restaurants, fairground attractions, an indoor 4-storey soft play area and arcades featuring high-end gaming entertainment.

The Ferris Wheel on the seaside is a very popular attraction especially around sunset. The beach is an attraction in itself with its pleasant windy ambience and warm waters that are conducive to swimming. The beach is a favourite spot for surfing and other water sports. The beachside also plays host to a number of events including festivals, all through the year.


A perfect location if you love your beaches with a vintage touch! Located in Kent, Deal is a beautiful coastal city with quaint cottages and an intense local flavour.

The beach atmosphere is cool and inviting. Apart from the beach, there are several other attractions including the historic Deal Castle situated along the shore. Other notable summer attractions include parks, gardens, local theatres and restaurants.

A perfect location to spend your summer in a cool and fun atmosphere!

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