The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light

When it comes to packing, everyone has a goal of packing light. By the end of the packing session, however, most people always end up with more than one bag and experience challenges with baggage storage. Here are a few packing tips for you.

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling clothes helps save on space, and therefore you can use only one bag. This might help you save money on left luggage service. Folding your clothes generally takes a lot of space, which is inconveniencing. Instead of using a second bag, roll your clothes.

Avoid Packing Just in Case

The number of times you have carried things you didn’t use is quite high. Therefore, you need to avoid the “just in case” phrase by only taking what you will need.  Write down what you actually need for the trip and stick to the list when packing. Don’t pack by going through your wardrobe; have the record at hand.

Carry Only a One Week Worth of Clothing

It is easier to wash your clothes than carry two suitcases. If you are going for a two-week work trip, you don’t need to pack fourteen shirts. Instead, bring with you seven shirts and wash them after the first week. Also, carry clothes that dry fast.

Carry Versatile Items

It is advisable to pack versatile items: items that can be used for many purposes. For example, carry neutral-colored clothes that can match with anything. For example, you can carry two plain-coloured trousers and six different coloured shirts.

This also applies to shoes. Carry shoes that can be worn with anything and work for any occasion. Have a maximum of three pairs of shoes: one official, one casual and one sporty for outdoor activities.

Buy Other Items

You can always buy an item on the road if the need arises. So, stop stuffing your bag with all the things from your house. You might realize that you don’t have to buy that item because it’s available at the hotel, or you just don’t need it.

Pack a Few Days Before the Journey

It is unwise to pack one day before travelling. This is because you will be in a rush and you might end up packing things you don’t need. Packing a few days before the trip gives you enough time to reevaluate your suitcase. Go through it a few times, and remove items that you will not need.

Use Compression Packing Cubes

The reason why your bag gets filled quickly is that you are not making use of compression cubes. The cubes naturally limit the number of clothes that you pack. This will leave you with enough space in the bag to pack other essentials and shoes.

Use Travel Size Storage

You don’t need to carry your big sized shampoo. This will take a lot of space in your bag. Purchase travel-sized bottles, and use them to pack your toiletries. Also, purchase travel-sized makeup items to save space.

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