UK vs European City Breaks

Whether you want to enjoy the local culture or visit the most famous places, city breaks offer just that. You don’t have to spend much time, money or effort to have a snapshot of your dream destination.

If you’re worried about the luggage, we’ve got your back. We offer reliable left luggage service in the UK for you to enjoy a fantastic city break. But if you are torn between the UK and European city breaks, here is a guide to help you make an informed decision.


UK city breaks are probably not the best when you consider weather conditions. There are several advantages of planning staycations in summer, but you are better off visiting European cities if you want to enjoy great weather.

European city breaks allow you to enjoy the sunshine in different settings. Cities like Rome, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona offer plenty of heat in summer. Most of these destinations are usually warmer throughout the year than in the UK for the same period. European city breaks win when you consider the weather conditions.


UK city breaks are popular because they make cheap getaways possible. The popular destinations are accessible by train and you can find cheap tickets if you book them early using a Railcard. If you want to travel in groups, using a car is the best option. You can take advantage of discounted hotel deals and affordable luggage storage service to save some money.

European city breaks can be costly, but you can visit some popular European destinations at cut-price costs. You are likely to have many things to pay for when travelling abroad. However, it is also possible to spend the same amount in certain cities abroad as you would in a UK city break.

The cost may go up due to souvenirs and sightseeing costs. UK city breaks win when you consider the price.


The UK offers easy access to popular destinations like Edinburgh, Cornwall, London and Welsh Valleys by road or train. With all the places to visit, simple travel arrangements and easy accessibility, a UK city break is quite attractive.

European city breaks require complex travel arrangements than UK city breaks. You need more travel time to access beautiful European cities by train, ferry, car, or plane. In this case, the UK city breaks win.


There are many options to choose from if you opt for a UK city break. You can enjoy city spots, stretches of sand, natural scenery and magnificent structures. But you have probably seen most of them already, and your break might not be unique or refreshing.

European city breaks offer plenty of options. There are many countries, cities, destinations and activities to enjoy. You can visit the beauty of Scandinavia, sublime towns in the East or enjoy the sunshine by the beach. The biggest problem you might face is deciding which destination to visit first. And as you would expect, European city breaks win this time.

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