Why Using LEFTIT Storage is Beneficial?

As a modern traveller, you are keen to make the most of your time and holiday plans in a new city. You really don’t want to be lugging around your bags or worrying about them getting stolen or lost.

And this is what you can exactly do when you book LEFTIT’s baggage storage services. Here’s how our luggage storage services work for you every time.

Safe & Secure

Our baggage storage partner stores provide you safe and secure services for storing your luggage. Besides providing you with the required space to store your luggage, the hosts will make sure that every luggage gets a sequentially numbered tamper-proof luggage seal.

Luggage insurance is also very much a part of our luggage storage services. Your luggage is insured for theft, accidental and criminal damage from the point of time of arrival at your storage point until the time of collection. And all this comes without any extra cost to you.

Book, Store & Relax

Booking a storage service with any of our luggage storage partners is a cakewalk.

Look up our website from your computer, tablet or mobile. Choose your location and duration of the storage. Make the payment and relax. You will instantly receive a confirmation message via a text message and email. So, you need not worry about taking time out from your travel plans to go searching for storage places.

Your storage host also receives an intimation about your luggage storage booking. So, when you are ready to leave your bags, there is someone to take care of them. Relax, you now have no worries about your bags in a new city!

Low on Cost, High on Service

LEFTIT charges you only £5 per bag for 24 hours. This includes free insurance cover on your luggage for the entire duration of 24 hours.

Enjoy a hassle-free service right from the time of keeping your bags in storage till the time of collection. You can extend the duration of storage for as many days as you wish to with prior bookings.

Forget All Your Baggage Storage Worries

Going bag free is the best way to travel. You can focus on holidaying and sightseeing without bothering about your luggage with a good left luggage service.

Think of LEFTIT luggage storage services when you are travelling in and around the UK. Call us or connect online and choose the time and place of your travel. Begin your holidays the LEFTIT way!

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